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Little Anecdotes


Mums Creative Juices

With obesity lurking from every corner, mum has now been more and more health conscience when she is preparing food for our family. Every morning, she will take the effort to freshly squeeze juices from what she claimed to be her best juicer from all her previous juicers she ever owned.

But needless to say, I do enjoy her juices. Mum has a creative way of blending different type of fruits to make delicious juices which may not taste like their color. The color of the juice may just scare you away, but once you take a sip out of it, you will be wanting more. I remember the day when she made the lemonade with the pink dragon fruit juice.

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The bright pink color made my younger sister so thought that she was drinking some magic potion that she was in tears when she was forced to drink the whole glass. Mum was just smiling away knowing that she did made a good drink!

Blending with Love

Life is a funny cycle. I still remember that whenever I fell sick during my younger days, my mother used to blend my food to make them more digestible. Over the years, my mother has grown old and frail. Not only is she not as healthy as before, she could no longer take care of my well-being.

Instead, it is now my turn to blend her semi-liquid food for her now deteriorating digestive system. In order to prevent any freak accidents, I had to look for the best blender to ensure that the food is well blended and easy for my mother to swallow.

First of all, the blades of the blender have to be incisive in order to perform the core function as mentioned above. Secondly, the durability of the blender is also important as I have to blend food for my mother daily. With these two features in the back of mind, I was able to look for the best deal in an electrical appliances shop nearby.


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